Volunteers are crucially important for the project, not only to assist in mitigating staffing costs but also to ensure community involvement and outside stimulation for the babies.

  • School’s involvement and visits – to create awareness about the enormous need and challenges facing child and infant care in South Africa.
  • Private sector business – donations of consumables and awareness.

If volunteers are exposed to this environment, it leads to them to some soul searching and eventually an understanding that our existence is defined by how we serve our community and especially individuals in need and helpless children.

My two kids serve as the perfect example. Their experience with the 4 babies taught them to become unselfish and I saw a distinct change in their approach to humanity and an understanding of how privileged they are.

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Huis Mia is an established house in Paarl which serves as a temporary safe care facility for babies before adoption. Babies are in our care from birth to approximately 1-year-old.